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See also: Linux Hater’s Blog

March 18th, 2009 170 comments

Although I am somewhat of the Linux4ever faction, I’d never say that there are not many problems with it (just not as bad as in Windows). In fact, I really hate fundamentalists claiming everything is fine (and everything else bad), regardless of coming from Linux, religion or whatever. Because fundamentalism leads to stagnation, ignorance, and ultimately demise.

Fact is, there are a lot of problems with Linux, as with every complex software/community. And some of them are even specific for Linux and won’t occur in Windows (and vice versa). Yet, saying e.g. ubuntu is all shiny out of pure rejection for Windows is not helping anyone. But, like in every community where people think they are on the “morally correct” side, it attracts a lot of these single-eyed fundamentalists.

This is why I utterly enjoy the Linux Haters’s Blog: It’s flaming the most common problems of Linux all of us encountered in an absolutely ridiculous way, which is not only enjoyable to read, but makes visible the big problems existing within it. Sometimes it just needs someone to absolutely mock your believes or way of thinking, so you can notice: “Hey, something might be going the wrong way”. If you are able to break your habits and read the problems hidden behind this hilarious (and most of the time absolutely funny) flames, you will see that there is truth in it, even if exaggerated – or maybe because it’s so exaggerated. For example, have a look at the articles on Gnome apps (funny as hell) or KDE4 (to the point).

Recommended for every Linux fan, especially for the Linux fundamentalists: The Linux Hater’s Blog

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See also: Lucid Dreaming the Python Way

March 17th, 2009 185 comments

Coming back from Cuba, a dear colleague surprised me with his “side”-studies: supporting lucid dreaming via his mobile. He has done some very interesting studies on how to use the motion detection of his mobile to identify the REM-phases, and thus using an alert system to enable lucid dreaming. In my opinion, this is not only a fascinating idea, but he has come up with some remarkable effort and well-thought ideas, culminating in a python-software he wrote for his mobile.

I recommend reading his blog for anyone interested in his progress, or the idea of lucid dreaming in general. And, for giving him his first trackback and to show appreciation for mentioning me 😉 a link to his first article.

Oh yes, I haven’t yet put up the Cuba pictures, so sue me 😛