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See also: Lucid Dreaming the Python Way

Coming back from Cuba, a dear colleague surprised me with his “side”-studies: supporting lucid dreaming via his mobile. He has done some very interesting studies on how to use the motion detection of his mobile to identify the REM-phases, and thus using an alert system to enable lucid dreaming. In my opinion, this is not only a fascinating idea, but he has come up with some remarkable effort and well-thought ideas, culminating in a python-software he wrote for his mobile.

I recommend reading his blog for anyone interested in his progress, or the idea of lucid dreaming in general. And, for giving him his first trackback and to show appreciation for mentioning me 😉 a link to his first article.

Oh yes, I haven’t yet put up the Cuba pictures, so sue me 😛

  1. March 17th, 2009 at 21:16 | #1

    Hey Daniel, thanks for the appreciation.. much appreciated.
    And now the few million visitors of your blog will be directed to mine.. I hope the server can handle such a traffic !!

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